I am a versatile journalist and communication consultant with over ten years of experience in TV, print and online journalism today based in Rwanda. I have a strong background in TV film production having worked for many years as a freelance journalist and film producer for the German public television.

Between 2007 and 2009 I moved for two years to Africa to work for a humanitarian aid organisation in the DR Congo. I am familiar with working in conflict areas and volatile environments and gained during that time an in-depth understanding of the complexity of humanitarian aid.

Having moved to Rwanda in 2016 I report today as a freelance journalist for German and European print, online and TV media in a variety of formats and with a passion for positive and thriving stories beyond the cliché news of conflict, war and hunger.

As a consultant I provide creative, high quality production services for humanitarian aid organisations. I assist them to bring their stories to life through inspiring and authentic documentaries and excellent writing skills.

In addition, I offer as a trainer and coach workshops and one-to-one coaching for journalists and film makers in Central Africa to further develop the potential these motivated change-makers show.