Africa is on the move. Africa’s youth is on the move. I am often impressed by young people, their commitment to change things and to create their future. As a trainer I accompany some of these passionate people during their journey of becoming a journalist or film maker – or if they already are, to become an even better one!

I was born in Germany. I went to university and worked for different media standing for quality journalism. Bernadette was born in the DR Congo. Her family did not have the financial means to send her to university. Today she is a photography journalist and filmmaker. We share the same motivation, the same passion. We just were born in different places. This is why I share today my knowledge in journalism and communication with those who had less opportunities, but have the same dreams. Let’s empower this young generation!

I realize professional workshops for aspiring and working journalists favoring on-the-job journalism training. It is important to me that workshops and trainings are creative, active and practical. Working with groups, I like to include team building sessions to enhance communication, social relations and leadership competencies.